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Proctor Landscaping & Masonry's corporate social responsibility remains at the core of our organizational culture, mission and vision. Our President, Troy Proctor, is active  in various community groups and sits on the Board for Greater Baden Medical Services. Troy and PLM continue to build relationships and partner with community non-profit organizations, local schools, and civic groups to bolster socio-economic development in our local community. PLM partners with organizations such as the Family Service Foundation, a nonprofit human service organization dedicated to meeting the mental health and social support needs of people across Maryland. PLM also provides free landscaping services to the Church of The Most Holy Rosary located in Upper Marlboro, MD. We host several community engagement events for families, friends, customers, and affiliates...please continue to monitor our website and quarterly newsletters for upcoming events.

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Proctor Landscaping & Masonry offers comprehensive landscaping services based on a collaboration of resources and materials in order to provide garden aesthetics, human enjoyment and safety, and ecosystem-plant community sustainability. 

Our products and services are the result of strategic planning and coordination between clients, landscape designers, landscape architects, garden designers, plant nursery growers, trade supply stores, and manufacturers.

Lawn Maintenance including:

- Mulching
- Flower Beds
- Aerating
- Irrigation Systems
- Treatments

Hardscape Services including:

- Retaining Walls
- Paver Installations
- Walkways
- Patios
- Design and Installation

Snow Services including:

- Pre-Treatment/Preparation
- Removal
- Shoveling
- Salting/Sanding
- Staking