Community & Customer Events

Since opening our doors in Upper Marl-

boro, we have quickly grown to serve

over 40 residential and 10 commercial

customers in Prince George's and

Charles Counties. Underpinning this

growth is our company's community-

first ethos. We hire exclusively from the

surrounding community, purchase our

materials from local businesses, and are actively involved with community organizations. We host community and customer appreciation events for our clients.

Providing landscape services is more than just another contract opportunity; rather, it is an opportunity for us to contribute to our shared community's well-being. We
take pride in keeping our community’s landscape professionally maintained and clean because we see its effects everyday as we commute to work, take our children to football practice, and go shopping at the local grocery store. This pride is reflected in the quality of our work product and commitment to any project. Checking in daily on our landscaping services is not an additional service--it's what we do on our way home from work.

Our experience extends beyond professional landscaping.
The Proctor Landscaping & Masonry team is comprised of your neighbors and fellow church goers. We belong to our local Homeowners Associations and own homes in nearby communities. We know what it means to want your
community’s landscaping to reflect its prosperity and character.

We could not be more excited for an opportunity to meet with you and answer any questions you may have regarding your landscaping needs.


Troy Proctor, President | Chief Executive Officer

Community Resources

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide each commercial and residential customer with quality lawn maintenance, hardscape, and comprehensive landscaping services.

With more than 25 years combined experience in landscaping services, we know that the cookie-cutter approach is neither cost-effective nor satisfying to our customers.

We build on existing customer service principles to identify and anticipate customer needs--understanding that customers do not buy products or services, they buy relationships and solutions.

Our Approach

Proctor Landscaping & Masonry

"Where Exceptional Quality and Services Are Always in Season"